FAQ: How Does Annabeth Put Her Knowledge Of Physics To Work On The Water Ride?

How does Annabeth put her knowledge of physics to work on the water ride? She puts her physics to work by calculating when to jump of the boat and land out of the water. He caught Annabeth and Percy when they exited the ride, then carried them past the gate.

Why doesn’t Grover smell any monsters at the thrill ride of love?

Why doesn’t Grover smell any monsters at the Thrill Ride O’Love? There are no dangers there. The monsters are not alive. They are underground.

What does Annabeth want to do for a career?

What does Annabeth want to do for a career? Why does Percy find this funny? She wants to be an architect. Percy can’t imagine her sitting still and drawing.

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How did Annabeth call Half Blood Hill from Denver?

They call home to Half-Blood Hill via a spray hose in a do-it-your-self carwash. It’s called Iris-messaging: “the rainbow goddess Iris carries messages for the gods.

What item did Grover use which helped him save Percy and Annabeth during the Tunnel of Love ride?

Percy Jackson and the Olympians Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase go on the Thrill Ride O’ Love in Waterland to retrieve Ares’ Shield. A trap was set by Hephaestus which involved mechanical spiders. Percy and Annabeth had to go through the tunnel in order to escape them.

What was Annabeth afraid of?

Annabeth Chase has an intense fear of Cyclopes. It can be traced back to when she was travelling with Luke, Thalia and Grover to Camp Half-Blood and got trapped in a vicious Cyclops’ lair, which indirectly caused Thalia’s transformation into a tree. She eventually is forced to overcome this fear in the Mark of Athena.

How does Charon realize Percy isn’t dead?

How does Charon realize Percy and his friends are not really dead? He realizes that Percy is dyslexic. They don’t have the correct coins. They tell him.

Does Annabeth cheat on Percy?

So yeah, Annabeth cheated on Percy and broke his heart. Camp turned against him and now he was kidnapped.

Why was Annabeth crying at the end of Ship of the Dead?

Probably because of Jason’s death. It’s Jason’s death. But in ship of death percy crying with annabeth. So they are together when happened this.

Who does Percy Jackson marry?

Chapter 6: The Wedding. Aphrodite and Percy snuck up on to Mount Olympus, broke into Athena’s master temple and finally found Annabeth’s room.

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Why is Percy so angry and disrespectful to Ares?

Why is Percy so angry and disrespectful to Ares? Percy is angry with Ares because Ares set them up. They could’ve died. It might be good because it shows that Percy isn’t afraid, but it might be bad because the gods do not like to be disrespected.

Who is the only God Furies obey Percy Jackson?

Furies obey only one lord: Hades.

Why was Percy angry with Ares?

I believe that Percy was more angry at Ares because he had sent them to a godly-trapped water park made by Hephaestus. Percy, Grover, and Annabeth barely make it out alive and were a big show on Olympus. Along with that, Ares is the war god and gives off a bad vibe that will make people, including Percy, angry.

Who is Percy angrier with?

Percy is angrier with Ares because Percy said,” We need to have a little talk with Ares.

Why can’t Annabeth help Percy when they’re trapped in the pool?

Why can’t Annabeth help Percy when they get trapped in the pool? Because children of Athena are afraid of spiders but Athena herself isn’t. Percy will get information of his mom and a ride west.

Why did Annabeth snatch the scarf from Percy?

This scarf has the power to make people fall in love. That’s the reason why Annabeth took it away from Percy so quickly, knowing that the scarf could enchant him. In mythology, Aphrodite, instead of a scarf, possesses a girdle that makes everyone who she wants, fall in love with her.

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