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Unit 9, Quiz #1

Your quiz on Unit 9 will be on Thursday, May31 and cover material from Chapter 19 of the textbook and your packet. Quiz questions will target the following objectives.

You should be able to ...
  1. Radioactive Decay:  To interpret isotope symbols in order to describe the components of a nucleus, to describe the various decay particles and decay processes, and to use such understandings to predict how a nucleus would decay.

    Resources: Read Chapter 19.1-2;  Chapter 19.1-2 Reading Guide (pp. 1-2); Radioactive Decay (pp. 3-4)

  2. Balancing Nuclear Equations:  To use charge conservation and mass conservation to balance a nuclear equation for a decay, bombardment, or fusion process.

    Resources: Radioactive Decay Series (p. 5); Nuclear Bombardment (p. 6); Stellar Nucleosynthesis (pp. 7-8)

  3. Half Life and Radioactive Decay Rates:  To use the concept of half-life to predict the amount of a radioactive sample remaining after a specified time or to determine the time for a sample to diminished to a specified amount.

    Resources: Read Chapter 19.3-4;  Chapter 19.3-4 Reading Guide (pp. 11-12); Half-Life and Radioactive Decay (pp. 13-14)

  4. Binding Energy:  To understand the concept of binding energy and Einstein's equation to predict the stability of a nucleus based on mass defect values.

    Resources: Binding Energy (pp. 9-10)

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