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Welcome to the Quiz Room!

Most units in STEM Chemistry will include a quiz or two or three at various points of the unit. Quizzes are seldom announced in class and classtime is never used to discuss the details of what is covered on a quiz.  Most quizzess (if not all) are announced online in the Schedules section of the site. The details of what will be covered on a quiz are discussed in the Quiz Room.

This page contains links to pages with information regarding upcoming quizzes. Each page consists of a list of objectives to be targeted by quiz questions and links to instructional resources pertinent to that objective. Clicking on a link for a quiz (below) will allow you to navigate to a page which can assist in the preparation for the quiz. Such pages identify the objectives addressed by the quiz and identify resources that would be useful for reviewing such objectives.

As a quiz approaches, information regarding the quiz will show up here at The Quiz Room.

Unit 1: Fundamentals of Chemistry

Unit 2: Describing Chemical Change

Unit 3: Quantifying Chemical Change

Unit 4: Atomic and Molecular Models

Unit 5: A Thermodynamic Model of Chemical Change

Unit 6: Solids, Liquids and Gases

Unit 7: Acids, Bases, and Solutions

Unit 8: Kinetics and Equilibrium

Quiz #1

Unit 9: Nuclear Chemistry

Quiz #1

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