Thursday, September 7 – Honors STEM Chemistry Lesson Plan – Blocks 1-2

1. Chemical and Physical Properties – pp. 13-14 – no more than 10 minutes

The recent Reading Guide (pp. 13-14) will be projected, giving you an opportunity to review, to mark answers in your packet, and to ask questions.

2. ChemThink – Particulate Nature of Matter

You will be doing a ChemThink activity. Directions are provided on the back side of this sheet. Create an account quickly. Do the Tutorial, filling out pp. 21-22 as you do. Do the accompanying Problem Set if you have time. If you don’t finish, then it is due at 8 AM next Wednesday.


3. Quiz – about 20 minutes will be allotted

Take the quiz. There’s a front and a back side. 20 minutes should be more than enough. If you need more time, then you will need to work on your pace this year. No phones or Chromebooks or calculator sharing. There is a Tupperware box of calculators on the front table. Hand the quiz and the Calculator in when done. 

4. Start your WebAssign Homework or Finish up your ChemThink

Homework (due by 8 am on Wednesday, 9/12):
Complete the ChemThink Tutorial and Problem Set (if not done in class)
WebAssign - Chapter 4.1-4,4.8-9 Rdg Guide