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Welcome to Mr. Henderson's STEM Chemistry website!

This page and collection of associated pages is designed for students in Mr. Henderson's Honors Chemistry course in the Science and Engineering Learning Community at Glenbrook South High School. 

I am very much looking forward to the course and our experience learning together about chemistry principles at the interface of science, technology, and engineering.

Unit 1 - Chemistry Fundamentals

Every course needs a good starting point. For us, that starting point involves Chemistry Fundamentals ... a collection of core concepts and skills that will form the foundation for the rest of our experiences in Chemistry. The first unit will last approximately 9 blocks and will cover content found in Chapters 2-4 of your textbook. We will focus our attention on such concepts and skills as measurement, units and conversions, classifications of matter, chemical and physical properties, the periodic table, an introductory view of the atom, and compound formation.

Lab Blab

Like your freshman Physics course in the SLC, your Chemistry course will make an effort to  develop concepts through lab experiences. The fact is that ...

"Lab is central. Integral. Sacred."

Read about the lab program and expectations for lab reports at The Laboratory section of this website.  Get the scoop on the Course Notebook and Lab Reporting. View the collection of resources that are available and accessible.

During the first few blocks of the course, we will learn about lab safety, the use of a laboratory notebook, and routines associated with doing lab. Always remember that lab is a verb - it is something that you do. Make sure you involve yourself physically and mentally.

Daily and Unit Schedules

Daily schedules are posted each day and appear on this page in the column at the right, labeled Today in Class. If you ever miss class, then this is the first place to check to find out what you miss.  This page describes the lesson plan, enumerating the activities done in class.  It also lists the homework.  The Today in Class section is in effect the online version of the teacher's lesson plan. Unit Schedules are also kept online. They are made at the beginning of the unit and provide great estimations of what we will be doing on a specific day. On occassion, we will fall behind schedule; that's why the Unit Schedules are pre-unit estimates. Visit Schedules.

Safety Video by American Chemical Society

We will be spending a portion of Day 1 and Day 2 viewing a Safety Video produced by the American Chemical Society.

View Video

    Online Homework


This page changes nearly every day; re-load or refresh to receive the most recent schedule.

Today in Class

>> Thursday, August 22 <<

Focus Question(s):
  • What's STEM Chemistry all about?
  • What lab equipment will we commonly use and for what purpose will we use it?

  • Introductions, Packet, Policies, and More
  • Cengage Account
  • WebAssign Account
  • Lab Safety: Don't be like Jimmy or Carol
  • Goggle Collection
  • Lab Safety Video - Part 1
  • Lab Equipment and the Bunsen Burner (pp. 1-2)

  • Read Survival Packet (pp. 1-2, 5-6)
  • WA: Chapter 2.1-2.5 Rdg Guide


Next Time in Class

>> Monday, August 26 <<

We will continue our discussion of Lab Safety. We will begin a discussion of measurement and significant digits; we will do Lab FC1 and pp. 5-6 of the packet.You will be allowed to ask questions about the Survival Packet.

Periodic Tables

Are you in need of a periodic table?  Try one of the following websites:

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