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Unit 9: Radioactivity and Nuclear Energy

Unit 9 is on the topic of nuclear radition and nuclear energy. We will learn what nuclear radiation is and how it is used for both bad and good purposes. It will be a shortened due to the end of the school year. The actual schedule for the remaining days is listed below on this page. There will be a couple of readings and 1 or 2 other WebAssigns.

There will be a quiz on this topic on Thursday, June 1. Keep a good packet and you will have an effective study tool for that quiz. It will be the last score of the quarter.

Final Exam

The Chemistry Final Exam will be during the Block 3 time slot in the Lyceum on Monday, June 5. It will be only mildly cummulative. That is to say that content learned first semester will be on the Final Exam. However, it is the first semester content that was repeated during second semester or incredibly important that will find its way into the Final Exam. Most questions will be based on second semester content.

View Final Exam Information Sheet

Radioactive Dose and Health Effects

Pages 19-20 of your packet is full of information about radiation measurement and exposure. We may be discussing this information on Tuesday (5/30) or Thursday (6/1). Reference will be made to the following sources:

The Most Radioactive Places on Earth

On Thursday (6/1), we will discuss radiation exposure and watch the Veritasium video titled The Most Radioactive Places on Earth.

Watch Video

Nuclear Reactor - Understanding How it Works

On Thursday (6/1), we will discuss radiation exposure and watch the Veritasium video titled The Most Radioactive Places on Earth.

Watch Video

Nuclear Power Plant Video Series

On Thursday (6/1), we will discuss nuclear power. The following 3-part YouTube video series provides an understandable pro-con approach to the topic.

Binding Energy Curve

On Tuesday (5/30), we will discuss Einstein's E = m•c2 equation and its use in calculating the binding energy of a nucleus. Reference will be made to the following binding energy curve:

Stellar Nucleosythesis

On Tuesday (5/30), we will discuss stellar nucleosynthesis. Part of the discussion will involve the viewing of a video by Sixty Symbols.

How It All Ends

Here's how the year will end … in case you're wondering … or planning … or plotting.

Wednesday, May 17
Discuss Unit 8 Test;  mostly Titration Project     (Last day with chemicals in the room.)
HW: Prep for Test

Friday, May 19
Start Nuclear Unit (pp. 1-4);  Unit 8 Test
: Poster Presentation

Tuesday, May 23
Nuclear Unit (pp. 1-4);  work on Poster Presentation (50 minutes)
: Poster Presentation  and WebAssign (Reading)

Thursday, May 25   
(Shortened Periods) Discuss Decay series (p. 5), Nuclear Bombardment (p. 6), Half Life (pp. 11-12);  Half life and Radioactive Decay (pp. 13-14)
HW: WebAssigns

Tuesday, May 30
Half Life and Radioactive Decay (pp. 13-14) ; ∆E=mc2 (p. 9); Nucleosynthesis (p. 7); WebAssign work
HW:  WebAssigns (if not finished in class)

Thursday, June 1
Discuss Final Exam/Review; Discuss Stellar Nucleosynthesis (pp. 7-8); Closing Comments; Unit 9 Quiz

Mr. H's Little Secret

Pssss.  Hey bud! I have a secret to share. Now that you know how to calculate the molar mass, here's a little cheat you should be permitted to use. It's called the Molar Mass Calculator and you will find it by following the links. You type in the formula and it calculates the molar mass. (Revised links on 2/28/17)

Molar Mass Calculator ... 2 decimal places

Chemical Molar Mass Calculators ... several decimal places ... a bit buggy?

    Online Homework


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Today in Class

>> Thursday, June 1 <<

Focus Question(s):
  • How do we measure radiation? What are the effects?
  • How do nuclear power plants work?
  • What is the Final Exam like?


  • Radiation Measurement
  • Nuclear Power Plants
  • Discuss Final Exam
  • Closing Comments
  • Quiz on Unclear Chemistry

  • Prepare for Final Exam


  • Too late for that.

Next Time in Class

>> Monday, June 5 <<

The Final Exam will be in the Lyceum at 12:30 PM on Monday.

Periodic Tables

Are you in need of a periodic table?  Try one of the following websites:

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