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Daily Announcements

Announcements will be posted below. Daily scan the announcements to see if there is anything new. Respond accordingly. Since we're no longer meeting face to face, it's important that you do that ... daily!

Important Read

We teachers were all ordered to have our gradebooks up to date by 9 pm on Wednesday evening. At that moment, the district would take a "worse-case scenario picture" of all grades. I normally wouldn't have a problem with this, except this time I have a bunch of ungraded work at school and I've been locked out for a few weeks. So since it is a lowest-possible scenario, I had to enter 0-s for all missing grades. Nothing is ever permanent in a gradebook. When I have access to those ungraded papers and answer keys, I will do some grading and get the grade changed. I hope you're reading this ... I won't be responding to any emails about this topic.

Update Regarding Gradebook

This past Sunday (4/19), grade entries for the first 5 days of eLearning were made in  the gradebook. All entered scores were placed into a new grade category - eLearning. None of these grade entries affect the grade displayed on the screen. They simply provide an indicator of the level of investment that you are making towards eLearning. The expectation is that you would put an investment into learning Chemistry. Hopefully, that investment has been manageable. My investment is towards helping you learn the remainder of the curriculum without an overwhelming burden. For some of you, eLearning may positively affect your grade. But as I mentioned on the first day, I'd pay less attention to the gradebook. If you would like to discuss this, we can have a Google Meet.

Today's Lesson Plan

Your  Finals Week Lesson Plan is ready to go!

"Finals Week" Lesson Plan (Monday, June 1 and onward)

Day 20 Final Message

Daily Atendance

Attendance is now being managed by the Attendance office. Check your email for an Attendance form.

Office Hours

Office hours occur two times daily via Google Meet. I will be in Room HendyChem. Come for Help or to say Hello.

10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

2:00 PM - 2:30 PM

    Online Homework

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eLearning Lessons


Days 1-10

Day 11 (5/4/2020)

Day 12 (5/7/2020)

Day 13 (5/11/2020)

Day 14 (5/14/2020)

Day 15 (5/18/2020)

Day 16 (5/21/2020)

Day 17 (5/26/2020)

Day 18 (5/28/2020)

"Finals Week" - (6/1 and 6/3)

Day 20 Final Message

Periodic Tables

Are you in need of a periodic table?  Try one of the following websites:

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