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Day 9 - Monday, April 27

Welcome to Day 9 of eLearning. The current unit is titled Kinetics and Equilibrium. Kinetics has to do with reaction rates, the factors affecting them, the means of determining the rate-concentration relationship, and the model for explaining rate patterns. Now that we understand reaction rate, we are going to apply it to something rather funky (sorry ... it's an 80s term ... like "Hey Mr. S, those are pretty funky pants you're wearing today."). We are going to attempt to understand the concept of chemical equilibrium. It will take us a few days. Lets get started.

NOTICE: Packet pages are available online. They can be printed as needed. You would not have the page below since we started this unit after the quarantine started.

Here's What to Do:

  1. Red-Green Simulation    (20 min - 40 min)

    Under normal conditions, the topic  of Equilibrium and Reversible Reactions is introduced with the Red-Green simulation. You are given 36 double-sided cards (red on one side and green on the other side) and given the rule of having to turn over of the red cards every minute and of the green cards every minute. But these aren’t normal conditions so we will introduce the topic differently - with a Red-Green Google Sheet. Nice. Much faster. You don’t need to do the counting. And we can run 16 trials in the time it takes to do 1 trial with the actual double-sided cards. And we won’t be spreading any germs … or viruses by touching the cards. This activity can be found on Google Classroom. Your version of the Google Sheet is there. And the Google Doc with directions, data tables, and questions is there as well. There is a quiz at the end of the Google Doc. You got this!

  2. Chapter 17.3-4 Reading Guide and WebAssign    (20 min - 40 min)

    Pull out your textbook and get started on the Reading of Dynamic Equilibrium - Chapters 17.3-4. As you read, answer the related WebAssign questions. Nothing unusual about this activity ... except that it's usually done for HW and due at 7:30 the next Blue Day.

*** Take attendance by 1 pm. Check your email for an attendance form from the Attendance office.

Coming Next Class: Reversible Reactions and the "Equilibrium Position"

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