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Day 5 - Monday, April 13

Welcome to Day 5 of eLearning. The topic today is the mathematics of solutions. We'll be mixing the S-word with a little molarity. Get out your calculator and prepare to nerd out on solutions. 

NOTICE: Packet pages are available online and can be printed as needed. If you don't have your packet at home, you can partially make-up for such loneliness by printing:

Here's What to Do:

  1. Solution Stoichiometry Video    (15 min - 20 min)

    Mr. H explains what solution stoichiometry is all about. He explains how to use molarity values as a conversion factor to get onto or off of mole island. After the brief discussion of the background, Mr. H does 2 problems from pp. 17-18 of your Unit 7 Packet. Follow along and prepare yourself for success on your WebAssigns.


  2. Chapter 15.6-7 Reading - Solution Stoichiometry    (15 min - 30 min)

    "Pull out your textbook", read Chapter 15.6-7 and do the accompanying WebAssign. Like any Reading Guide, you get 1 try per question. There's 5 questions ... it will go quick.

  3. WebAssign on Solution Stoichiometry    (10 min - 20 min)

    Do the 3-problem WebAssign on Solution Stoichiometry.  Get out a piece of scratch paper and show your work.

Coming Next Class: Acid-Base Neutralization and Titration

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