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"Finals Week" - Monday, June 1

You've made it! You're at the finish line. You just need to cross it. Crossing the finish line involves doing one last assignment - the Summative Activity. It's not a particularly involved activity with many parts. But it may take you some time to do the research and thinking. Because of the need for time and thought, this is the only assignment during Finals Week.

Here's what to do:
After some thought and research, write a minimum of 1 solid paragraph (you can of course write as much as you want) about the use of one of the topics we discussed this year by a STEM professional. The topic can be any topic during the year. It can be a narrow topic (Hess's Law) or a broad topic (Thermodynamics). Though you might have better luck starting your research/thinking with a broad topic. A STEM professional includes but is not restricted to an engineer. An environmental scientist is a STEM professional. A pharmacist is a STEM professional. A computer programmer is a STEM professional. A meteorologist is a STEM professional. (But an astrologer is NOT a STEM professional.) You are encouraged to pick a STEM field that you are interested in.

Spend some time doing some research into the intersection of a chemistry topic and that STEM career. (See Google Search Tip below.) Once you have determined how some Chemistry topic is used by some STEM professional, write about it. Have some fun with it. Talk a little bit about the Chemistry. But talk a lot about how the STEM field uses it. Be personal. Imagine yourself being that professional and talk about your use of Chemistry as that professional.

This is a Google Classroom assignment. You will find an assignment and a Google Doc there ready for you to use.

Google Search Tip
If you're looking for a starting place, I had pretty good results with the following strategy. I searched Google with the search phrase:

How do ___________________ (engineers, chemists, pharmacologists, medical professionals, environmental scientists, high-energy physicists, etc.) use ______________________ (stoichiometry, kinetics, nuclear chemistry, gas laws, thermodynamics,etc.).

Fill in the two blanks with whatever you wish.

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