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Day 15 - Monday, May 18

Welcome to Day 15 of eLearning. The focus of today's lesson is Solubility and Equilibrium. The last thing you do today is start the first Reading Guide for the upcoming unit

NOTICE: Packet pages are available online and can be printed as needed. If you don't have your packet at home, you can partially make-up for such loneliness by printing:

Here's What to Do:

  1. Video - Solubility and Ksp    (14 min)

    What do you get when you mix 10 minutes of belly-laughing humor, 20 minutes of captivating content centered around solution equilibrium, 12 minutes of on-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense, and 17-minutes of down-home, loveable drama? You guessed it! You get Mr. H's 14-minute daily video on a Chemistry Concept. And in this one, he puts the M back in STEM as he paces you through the numerous examples similar to those in the WebAssign. Watch .. Pause .. Solve a Problem on WebAssign .. Repeat.

    Video Link:  Solubility and Ksp Video

    Link: Worked Out Solutions from Worksheet

    Pro TIP #1:
    Open the WebAssign and use the video as a help with the WebAssign. They are intended to be used together.

    Pro TIP #2:
    Download and print the provided Ksp Problems worksheet (see NOTICE section above). Use it as Mr. H steps through each problem on the worksheet.

  2. View Chaper 17.8-9 Reading Guide    (5 min - 10 min)

    One of your activities from Day 14 was to do the Chapter 17.8-9 Reading Guide on Solution Equilibrium. View the answer key and side margin notes.

    Link:  Side 1 || Side 2

  3. WebAssign - Solution Equilibrium   (10 min - 25 min)

    This 6-question WebAssign coordinates with Mr. H's video. Do them together and you'll get to lunch sooner. You might even have time for a little Bloons Tower Defense after lunch.

  4. Chaper 19.1-2 Reading Guide on WebAssign   (15 min - 30 min)

      Read Chapter 19.1-2 of your textbook and complete the WebAssign Reading Guide on Nuclear Decay. This is a starting point of a new unit on Nuclear Chemistry that will last for the remainder of the semester. Guaranteed to put a glow in your smile.

    *** Take attendance by 1 pm. Check your email for an attendance form from the Attendance office.

    Coming Next Class: Nuclear Decay

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