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Day 13 - Monday, May 11

Welcome to Day 13 of eLearning. Today's focus is the LeChatelier Principle of equilibrium shifting. You should have a pretty awesome foundation on this shift by the end of the Lesson.  On the front end of the lesson, you will do three things to learn - a video, an infographic inspection, and a Reading Guide answer key review. On the back end of the lesson, you will do a Concept Builder (all three levels) to demonstrate that you got this!

NOTICE: Packet pages are available online. They can be printed as needed. You would not have any of the pages below since we started this unit after the quarantine started.

Here's What to Do:

  1. Video - LeChatelier's Principle    (12 min)

    Watch Mr. H's 13-minute video on LeChatelier's Principle. Listen carefully, learn the rules and prepare to earn Dataways.


  2. Infographic Preview (5-15 minutes)

    The Physics Classroom has a very concise Infographic on the topic of LeChatelier's Principle. If you get the infographic, then you will cruise through the Concept Builder. Check out the two sided infographic at these links. And if needed, refer to it during the completion of the Concept Builder.

    Link:  Infographic - Side 1   ||   Infographic - Side 2

  3. Chapter 17.7 Reading Guide    (5 min - 15 min)

    One of your activities from Day 12 was to do the Chapter 17.7 Reading Guide on LeChatelier's Principle View the answer key and side margin notes.

    Link:  Side 1  ||  Side 2

  4. LeChatelier's Principle Concept Builder    (15 min - 40 min)

    • Go to and log into your account.
    • From your Task and Courses page, find the link to the LeChatelier's Principle Concept Builder. 
    • Do all three Difficulty Levels.

    Pro TIP: The Help Me! button of every question screen opens a page with information specific to the question. Focus on the How to Think About This Situation section of the Help page.

*** Take attendance by 1 pm. Check your email for an attendance form from the Attendance office.

Coming Next Class: LeChatelier's Principle Lab, followed by Solution Equilibrium

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