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Day 11 - Monday, May 4

Welcome to Day 11 of eLearning. The focus of today's learning is the equilibrium constant expression.

NOTICE: Packet pages are available online. They can be printed as needed. You would not have any of the pages below since we started this unit after the quarantine started.

Here's What to Do:

  1. Video - Equilibrium Constant Expression (12 minutes of video)

    Join Mr. H for this stunning 12-minute video with captivating graphics, heart-wrenching stories, and hilariously corny jokes ... and as if that wasn't enough reasons to watch, it also includes some rather fundamental chemistry regarding equilibrium mathematics. It's so good you'll want to watch it twice.


  2. Check Chapter 17:5-6 Reading Guide    (5 min - 10 min)

    Check the answers and side-margin notes to the Reading Guide on Equilibrium Constant Expression.

    Link:  Front Side || Back Side

  3. Video - Equilibrium Constant Expression    (6 minutes of video)

    In this 6-minute video, Mr. H gives some specific examples of writing equilirium constant expressions (like those in your upcoming Concept Builder ... #5 in Lesson) and using equilibrium constant expressions to solve for K or for concentrations or pressures. (like those in your upcoming WebAssign ... #4 in Lesson).


    Solutions/Answer Key:  Front Side || Back Side

  4. WebAssign with Math and Concepts   (10-15 minutes)

    Get out your calculator and put the M in STEM with this short 4-problem WebAssign. If necessary use Mr. H's video on Equilibrium Math or the accompanying solution key (#3 on the Lesson).

  5. Concept Builder - Equilibrium Constant    (15 min - 25 min)

    • Go to and log into your account.
    • From your Task and Courses page, find the link to the Equilibrium Constant Concept Builder.
    • Do the Apprentice and the Wizard Difficulty Levels.

    Pro TIP: The Help Me! button of every question screen opens a page with information specific to the question. Focus on the How to Think About This Situation section of the Help page.

*** Take attendance by 1 pm. Check your email for an attendance form from the Attendance office.

Coming Next Class: A Frenchman's view of Equilibrium

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