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Day 10 - Thursday, April 30

Welcome to Day 10 of eLearning. The topic of equilibrium continues today. The goal is to establish a clear understanding of why objects attain an equilibrium.

NOTICE: Packet pages are available online. They can be printed as needed. You would not have any of the pages below since we started this unit after the quarantine started.

Here's What to Do:

  1. Video - The Equilibrium Concept    (10.00 min)

    Watch Mr. H's short video (10.00 minutes) on the concept of equilibrium. When combined with #2 on the Lesson Plan, you will have the prerequisite background for being success ful on the simulation in #3 of today's lesson plan


  2. View Chapter 17.3-4 Reading Guide Answer Key    (5 min - 10 min)

    Check the answers and side-margin notes to the Reading Guide on Dynamic Equilibrium.

    Link:  Front Side || Back Side

  3. Red-Green Simulation - The Sequel   (20 min - 35 min)

    Using a slightly modified Google Sheet, this simulation activity probes the concept of an equilibrium constant and the equilibrium position. Run 10 trials and reason towards some conclusions based on the data. The activity is on Google Classroom. Use the attached Google Sheet to help complete the Google Doc. Type into the Google Doc to answer the questions. Submit the completed work on Google Classroom when done.

  4. Chapter 17.5-6 Reading Guide on WebAssign    (20 min - 35 min)

    Pull out your textbook and get started on the Reading of Dynamic Equilibrium - Chapters 17.5-6. As you read, answer the related WebAssign questions. The topic is the Equiibrium Constant Expression.

*** Take attendance by 1 pm. Check your email for an attendance form from the Attendance office.

Coming Next Class: Equilibrium Constant and Associated Mathematics

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