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Current Unit - Conservation Laws
Unit 6 focuses on a major concept in physics - conservation. Energy and momentum conservation provides a strong model for predicting the outcome of a motion. Physicists are concerned with questions like how fast ... ? how high ...? and how far ... ? Concepts of energy and momentum and their conservation lead physics types to the answers to these questions. As usual, the unit will consist of several labs, two MOP modules, numerous WebAssigns, about three (pop) quizzes, and lots of phun. The schedule is complete and has us finishing the unit with a couple of days remaining in the school year. Visit Schedules.

Some Due Dates
Here are some due dates to know about:
  • Minds On Physics - MC1, MC2, MC4, MC5, MC6, and MC10 - due Thursday, June 4 (chance 1 of 2); Monday, June 8 is the last chance
  • WebAssign: Collision Analysis - Ass't 2 - due Thursday, June 4
  • Lab Notebooks (Labs CL11, CL13, pp. 39-40, pp. 49-50)
  • WebAssign: Collision Analysis - Ass't 3 - due Monday, June 8
  • Lab CL17 - try to finish it in class; otherwise due on Monday, June 8

Lab Notebook Scoring Rubric
Apologies to Block 4 Physics. I had forgotten to pass out the Scoring Rubric for the labs that will be collected this Thursday. I've placed the rubric on Google Drive if you would like to view it:

View Lab Scoring Rubric.

Unit 6 Test
The Unit 6 Test has been completed. There are 28 multiple choice questions. Six of these MC questions are based on a reading passage describing an experiment that we have done; the questions focus on your ability to interpret data and understand an experiment. The other remaining 22 questions are split evenly between energy topics and momentum topics. In addition to the 28 MC questions, there is a section of do 3 of the following 4 easy-styled problems and a section of do 3 of the following 4 difficult-styled problems. There is an equal number of energy problems and momentum problems. You will be allowed 55 minutes to complete the 28 MC questions and the 6 problems. (This means Block 3 will be breaking for lunch and returning from lunch 10 minutes early.)

Grades Matters
Your test will be graded by the start of exams tomorrow morning and posted in Power School for your review. All other grades (including Makeups and Lab CL17) should be completed by then as well (or shortly thereafter). The Final Exam is very do-able ... especially for the prepared student.

Final Exam
A Final Exam Review is now available. It includes information about the Final Exam and some suggested ways to prepare for it.

View Final Exam Review.

Our Textbook

The Tutorial found at The Physics Classroom web site is our official Physics textbook for the course. Know where it is; learn how to use it.

Online Homework


Minds On Physics
Teacher Code: GBSTH

Audio Help

This page changes every day; re-load or refresh to receive the most recent schedule.

Today in Class

>> Monday, June 8 <<

Focus Question(s):
  • What's on the final exam?
  • Collect MOP Codes (chance 2 of 2)
  • Return Lab Notebooks
  • Demonstration: The Big Blue Ball
  • Comments Regarding Final Exam
  • Test on Conservation Laws (55 minutes)
  • Review for Final Exam

Next Time in Class

>> Final Exam Day <<

Next time ... if by "next time" we mean the Final Exam meeting ... we will have a Final Exam. There will be 67 Mulitple Choice questions worth 1 point and 8 Calculation questions worth 2 points. You will need to manage your time well.

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