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Unit 9: Wave Applications
Our ninth unit will involve a study of several applications of wave principles. Because of the limited time, it will be more like a half of a unit rather than a full unit. We will study waves on strings, resonance, resonating air columns, 2-point source interference patterns, and Young's experiment. There will be a quest near the end of the unit. There is no makeup quiz.

As usual, make every effort to keep up with your reading and daily assignments - whether WebAssign or Minds On Physics. There will be four Minds On Physics missions and about six WebAssigns.

Quiz Key
Your Unit 9 Quiz has been graded. The Quiz key can be viewed online. View Quiz Key.

Great America Scores
You will soon see three grade entries in the Grade Book for Great America. There will be one titled "Great America Quiz", one titled "Great America Lab", and one titled "Great America Score." The final Great America Score will be an average of the quiz and the lab. This is the only score that will count towards your grade. The other two grade columns are for informational/reporting reasons only.

Minds On Physics
The Minds On Physics due date has been pushed back until Wednesday, June 1. The following success codes must be handed in: SM5, SM6, SM8, and SM10. You MUST get these codes to me at that time. Late codes will not be accepted for credit.

Read All About It!
The in-class coverage of the current topic is very similar to the coverage given to it at The Physics Classroom Tutorial.  Read and study Lesson 3 of the Light and Color Chapter.

Lesson 3 - Mathematics of Two Point Source Interference

MOPs - There's an App for That

Get yourself the Minds On Physics the App - Part 5 for your Chromebook. Part 5 of MOP the App is worth the download as it covers content for the next two units. It can be downloaded at the Chrome Web Store for free and works well on the Chromebook. Visit MOP the App Part 5 at the Chrome Web Store.

MOP Pt 5

Online Homework


Minds On Physics
Teacher Code: GBSTH

This page is updated quite regularly. Refresh your page to view the most recent lesson plan.

Today in Class

>> Friday, June 3 <<

Focus Question(s):
  • How did Thomas Young measure the wavelength of light?
  • (A very random Q:) What equation explains the relationsip between the angle between two mirrors and the number of images that are seen in the mirror?

  • Young's Experiment Lab
  • Ask Qs on Final Exam
  • A short primer on mirrors and images
  • Lab Test: Improving Your Image
  • Ask Qs on Final Exam

  • Prepare for Final Exam

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Next Time in Class

>> Final Exam Day <<

You're going to be busy taking the Second Semester Final Exam.

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