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Internet Question Sets

There are several internet question sets scheduled for the current Chemistry unit. The question sets amount to questions whose answers can be (and must be) inputted online and checked for accuracy. It is important that you do the question sets as scheduled. The answer key is provided once the assignment due date has arrived. Once you look at an answer, you will for obvious reasons no longer be allowed to solve problems for credit. This means that if you miss a class, you will have a significant quantity of makeup work outside of class. 

Each question set covers two or more class days. Students who have difficulty accessing the internet pages should approach the teacher outside of class to schedule alternative arrangements for the completion of their problem sets. Access problems on a given day does not excuse you from meeting deadlines from previous days.

Work ahead whenever you wish. Seek the help of classmates, the teacher, and the web pages. As is always advisable in Chemistry, take charge of your learning. Study the problems in advance to know what is being asked and use class to hone in on the appropriate principles and equations relevant to each problem type in the set. Bring the set with you to class. As examples are discussed in class, relate the examples to similar problems in your set. Make those connections during class and jot a note on your problem set.

Internet Question Sets are completed at the WebAssign web site.

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