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The Laboratory Home Page
A Collection of Chemistry Labs

The links below lead to lab descriptions for the various Chemistry labs of each unit.  The lab descriptions will guide you in the process of writing the lab report.  In addition to the lab descriptions, a scoring rubric and collection of auxilliary (tape-in) files are provided.  General information about keeping a Chemistry notebook and lab reporting can be found using the links below.

About the Chemistry Course Notebook  ||  Guidelines for Lab Reporting

Many of the documents found in The Laboratory are PDF documents which require the use of Adobe Reader in order to view.  While it is likely that your computer is already equipped with Adobe Reader, the links below is provided to obtain a current copy if needed.  It is free and easily downloaded and installed.

Get Adobe Reader

Information about Chemistry labs for each unit can be accessed using the links provided here.

Unit 1:  Matter and Measurement

Unit 2:  Atoms, Molecules, and Ions

Unit 3:  Math Relations in Chemistry:  Stoichiometry

Unit 4:  Chemical Reactions

Unit 5:  Math Relations in Chemical Reactions:  Stoichiometry

Unit 6:  Gases

Unit 7:  Thermochemistry

Unit 8:  Atomic Structure

Unit 9:  Bonding

Unit 10: Solutions

Unit 11:  Kinetics and Equilibrium

Unit 12: Acids and Bases

Unit 13:  Electrochemistry

Unit 14:  Nuclear Chemistry


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