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Unit 14: Nuclear Chemistry

Unit 14 focuses on the topic of nuclear chemistry.  Our focus will be to what radiation is and how and why various atoms undergo radioactive decay.  We will also discuss the rates of decay, often expressed in terms of a half-life.  Finally, we will discuss binding energy and relate the results of binding energy calculations to fission and fusion.

Over the course of the unit, there will be ~2 WebAssign Reading Sheets (optional), one WebAssign  problem set and 2-3 labs.  We will be following Chapter 19 of the textbook (with a short dabbling into section 2 of Chapter 2).  You should read it carefully and use it as a frequent reference.  A unit packet will be distributed on the first day of the unit;  it will be used throughout the unit as we learn new skills and incrementally progress towards understanding the concepts and mathematics of related to nuclear chemistry. Much of our coverage will be conceptual in nature.  Due to lack of time, the unit will be cut short in order to allow time for a very brief preview to the final exam.

Regarding the Nuclear Chemistry WebAssigns

There are three Nuclear Chemistry WebAssigns that are entirely optional. They will be the basis of the questions asked on all daily quizzes as well as on the short quest at the end of the unit (Monday, 6/6). The value of the WebAssigns will be related to learning points from this unit (as opposed to earning points).  All WebAssigns are due on Sunday, June 5 at 6 pm. After this time, the keys may be viewed.

Title... on the topic(s) of ...... was convered
in class on ...
Nuclear Stability ...
Stability, Decay Types, Balancing Eq'ns
(Packet, pp. 1-3; Chapter 19.1)
Friday, 5/27 through
Tuesday, 5/31
Nuclear Transmutation ...
Balancing Eq'ns and Nuclear Transmutation
(Packet, pp. 3-4, 7; Chapter 19.1)
Tuesday, 5/31 through
Wednesday, 6/1
Half Life ...
Decay rates, Half-life
(Packet, pp. 5-6 and Chapter 19.2)
Wednesday, 6/1 through
Friday, 6/3

Being predicted in advance, the coverage date may be off by a day or a half-day.

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Are you having trouble with chemistry?  Take a trip to the Titan Learning Center to get a little tender loving care. See Mr. Doody or Mr. Koo for assistance.

Periodic Tables

Periodic tables will be used throughout the year. When needed, follow one of the following links to the periodic table of your choice.

Chemistry In Its Element

Much of what we discuss this year will in one way or another be related to the chemical elements and their organization into a periodic table. The Royal Society of Chemistry (in London) has put together a collection of intriguing weekly podcasts that focus on the various elements of the periodic table. The collection of broadcasts are titled Chemistry in It's Element and are available online or through ITunes. It's worth a look (and a listen) at some time during the year. Visit their periodic table and click the headphones to listen to a podcast on the element of your choice. Visit Chemistry in Its Element.

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