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Studying Suggestions for Reflection Quiz #1


The first Reflection quiz will be on Wednesday, September 4. The quiz could be as long as three pages (i.e., three sides of paper). Be ready to think and diagram. Students can expect the following concepts, skills, and problem-types to be assessed on this quiz:

  1. An understanding of the line of sight principle and its importance to viewing an object or an image of an object.

    The Line of Sight Principle


  2. An understanding of the law of reflection and an ability to apply it to an understanding of how light reflects off surfaces (and especially plane mirror surfaces) to form images.

    The Law of Reflection


  3. An understanding of what an image is and of how it is formed by reflected light.

    What is an Image? || Why an Image is Formed


  4. An ability to locate the image of an object in a plane mirror and to use a ray diagram to illustrate how an individual at a given location can view the image.

    Locating Images of Objects || Constructing Ray Diagrams


  5. An ability to demonstrate by means of a ray diagram what portion of a plane mirror would be required to view the image of an object.

    Determining the Portion of Mirror Needed to View an Object


  6. Distinguish between diffuse and regular reflection, to explain the cause of each, and to give an application of each.

    Diffuse and Regular Reflection


  7. (Possibly) An ability to analyze right angle mirror systems and other multiple mirror systems in order to determine the image location and to construct ray diagrams depicting the path of light from object to eye.

    Right Angle Mirrors || Multiple Mirror Systems  


  8. An understanding of the nature and the role of laboratory experiments in the generation of scientific knowledge and understanding.

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