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There are thirteen physics units in the Physics portion of the ChemPhys course. Each unit has a collection of labs, the results of which must be reported in your course notebook. In every case, the purpose of the lab will be provided;  in most cases, the equipment and its operation will be disccussed; and in all cases, the requirements for a complete lab report will be clearly identified. A handout describing the lab purpose and lab report will be provided at the beginning of each unit. You may view an online version of this handout using the links below. For many of the labs, you will be provided with a diagram, a data table or a graph which will form the basis of the Data section of your lab. These will be provided on a unit-by-unit basis. If you happen to lose your copy, then you may view the online version (as a PDF file) by clicking the link below. Finally, you view the scoring scheme used to grade your lab by clicking the link below.

Unit/Title Description Lab Items Scoring
1: Reflection and Mirrors View View View
2: Refraction and Lenses View View View
3: Wave Basics View View View
4: Sound and Music View View View
5: Light and Color View View View
6: 1-D Kinematics View View View
7: Vectors and Projectiles View View View
8a: Newton's Laws View View View
8b: Vectors and Newton's Laws View None View
9: Circular Motion and Gravitation View View View
10: Static Electricity View View View
11:  Work and ENergy View View View
12:  Momentum and Collisions View View View
13: Electric Circuits View View View

When a ChemPhys student misses a lab, s/he should immediately view the Makeup Labs page to determine what must be done to makeup the lab. When missing a lab, a student should NEVER copy data from a student who was present for the lab; such behaviors are considered as instances of academic dishonesty and will be treated accordingly. Instead, the student should view the Makeup Labs page and follow the directions given there for making up missed lab work.

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