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Have a Great Summer!
The best part of my job for several years has been teaching ChemPhys. I am blessed to have the opportunity to work with such a great group of students. It has been a pleasure being your teacher over the last two years. I hope that many of you continue on to pursue college studies and a career in math-science-engineering. You all have such great and promising futures ahead of you. I wish you all a restful summer and best of luck in your future. Stop by and say hello next year. Let me know if I can ever be of any assistance.

Final Exam Review
The final exam in Physics will be taken during a regular 50-minute period on Tuesday, June 3.  Information about the exam and suggested methods of preparing are available online at The Review Session.  A paper copy will be distributed in class and discussed briefly.

Project Scoring
Project grading should be completed by the middle of next week (+/- a day). The project will be graded using a simple grading rubric. Once graded, a percentage will be determined and distributed across all 3 grading categories as follows:

Lab Points: 40
Homework Points: 20
Assessment (Quizzes/Tests) Points: 100

Graded projects will be kept at least one month into the next year's school year. A rubric similar to the one used to grade the project is available online.

Coming Down Slowly
Psychological addiction is a very strong force. And it is very difficult coming off of a powerful and potent addiction to physics. So for those who know that the coming weeks of no more physics is going to present some challenges, I would like to suggest a trip to The Physics Classroom's Pinterest boards. Click the image below to access a large collection of links to corny humor, physics resources on all sorts of topics, engineering applications, and a lot of teacher stuff (which likely wouldn't be of much interest to you). Explore all you want and come down slowly. (CAUTION: while this might help you come down from your Physics addiction, it is important to know that Pinterest can be equally addictive.)

The Physics Classroom on Pinterest

Online Homework


Minds On Physics
Teacher Code: GBSTH

Audio Help

Ancient Chinese Proverb
"The wise person begins their Minds On Physics early. Only a fool would wait til the last minute."

Be cool, not a fool. MOP it up!

Today in Class

>> Tuesday, June 3  <<

  • Final Exam in ChemPhys 273 (50 minutes)


  • Have a good summer.

Next Time in Class

>> Wow! There is no next time. <<

It's been a privilege having each one of you in my physics class. You all have such many talents in varied areas. I wish you a restful, well-deserved summer doing all the things you love to do. Please stop back by next year to say Hello.

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