gbschemphys Home Page

This is the home page for Tom Henderson's Physics and Chemistry courses at Glenbrook South High School. This home page serves the function of linking to the various course pages for courses taught by Mr. Henderson. At the moment, there is one live course to access from this web site. The course is STEM Chemistry. This honors-level course is taught on a 90-minute, alternating day block schedule. It is taught in coordination with a PLTW Enginerring course as part of the STEM Learning Community.

STEM Chemistry

Mr. Henderson also teaches a Conceptual Physics-styled course called Physics Studies. The course is taught closely with other colleagues. Support for the course is hosted on a Google site at the following location:

Physics Studies Home Page

Formerly, Mr. Henderson has taught ChemPhys 173, ChemPhys 273, Honors Chemistry, STEM Physics, Honors Physics, and Regular Physics (quite some time ago). While he is not teaching any of these courses this year, those pages are still accessible on the web. The ChemPhys courses,  the Honors Chemistry course, the STEM Physics, and the Honors Physics course are found at this web site. The Regular Physics course is found at the Glenbrook South High School web site. The Honors Physics and the STEM Physics were taught on a 90-minute block schedule.

Honors Physics

STEM Learning Community Physics (SLC Physics)

ChemPhys 173

ChemPhys 273

Honors Chemistry

Regular Physics

Visitors may also be looking for The Phyics Classroom tutorial and associated pages. These resources can be found at the web site.  The Minds On Physics Internet Modules can also be found at The Physics Classroom web site.